Atlanta airport power outage causing flight cancellations in San Antonio


The power outage in Atlanta is causing a ripple effect at airports throughout the country including right here in San Antonio

At least four flights to Atlanta were canceled.

Some passengers were stuck on a plane for about 30 minutes before they were brought back to the terminal.

Despite booking tickets on flights that depart on Monday, some passengers think getting home is still not a guarantee.

Georgia Power says it expects to have power restored at the Atlanta airport by midnight.

"We got some rebooking done so hopefully those aren't too nuts tomorrow because of course everybody is going to be rebooking tomorrow as well,” said Joey Redman, who is from Atlanta. Redman was visiting San Antonio this weekend for a wedding. “I'm glad we have at least a spot on some planes but I'm not considering it a victory. I don't think it's necessarily going to get us home, but we're going to make it work.”

Airport staff are encouraging passengers to keep an eye on their airline's website and social media pages for the latest on flight information.

The Atlanta airport says they serve nearly 300,000 passengers and averages 2,500 flight arrivals and departures every day.

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