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Archbishop calls for immigration reform, launches campaign

(Photo: SBG San Antonio)
(Photo: SBG San Antonio)
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SAN ANTONIO - The conversation about our borders growing louder in San Antonio, with one archbishop is getting involved saying this is about more than just border security.

Members of the San Fernando Cathedral are collecting signatures, helping the archdiocese kick off a new campaign to change the current border battle.

A Sunday church service, charged with politics to discuss what Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller says is a bigger issue.

"We want to launch a campaign that will support comprehensive immigration reform." Garcia-Siller said.

Using a hero for many, to help teach a few more.

"We will be inspired today by the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez..." Garcia-Siller said.

And to change a national narrative, while promoting his side of the debate.

"Just to say that everyone who comes as a refugee a migrant is a bad person that is not right..." Garcia-Siller said.

Conservative Commentator George Rodriguez says breaching the border is not a broad topic.

"It's no better than somebody entering your home uninvited, you need to know who they are, you need to invite them, you need to be prepared for them,” said Rodriguez, “We need a border that vets people that come into the United States that controls who is going to enter and who is not."

While the archbishop agrees.

"If someone will be truly a big problem because a person has been involved in crime, we need to protect our country." Garcia-Siller said.

With one exception.

"But not at the expense of punishing people." Garcia-Siller said.

And one hope for the future.

"That we, be able with our leaders to welcome and respect the dignity of children and parents who are coming this way as refugees." Garcia-Siller said.

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The church next week inviting 170 parishes plus Catholic Universities and Schools to sign postcards about immigration reform, and send them to legislators, the Archbishop also said they already have a commitment for 11,500 hundred signatures from one place alone.

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