Want your Black Friday shopping to run smoothly?

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SAN ANTONIO -- Apps for Black Friday shoppers, Texas cities that are friendly to entrepreneur veterans, and farmers markets are big business. It’s all in today’s Jane King Report.

Black Friday Apps

Want your Black Friday shopping to run smoothly? There’s an app for that.

One app, “Paribus,” tracks purchases for 30 days and alerts you if another retailer is selling an item for less than you paid for it. The app monitors purchases at 30 stores. It then watches for any price drops and negotiates a price-matching refund for you.

Earny” also tracks purchases and looks for cheaper deals. According to an article on, "Earny will notify you when the price of a recent purchase has dropped and do the paperwork needed to claim your refund…automatically!"

And “Slice” notifies you when a refund is available and sends you an email. It also lets you track packages, sends alerts about any recalls on items purchased, and gives you access to receipts.


Austin best for Veterans to start small business

Austin is the best place in America for military veterans to start a small business, according to a report from Houston came in at number 2 and Fort Worth ranked number 4.

More than 1 in 4 veterans in the workforce are running their own business.

The top occupation for small business vets is handyman.


Farmers Markets doing big business

Farmer's markets generate $1.5 billion nationwide in 2015, according to the USDA.

They also create year round opportunities for farmers to sell produce.

The number of farmers markets has nearly tripled since 2010.

And spending money at a farmer’s market keeps money in the local economy.


Buffalo Wild Wings takeover offer

Buffalo Wild Wings got a takeover offer.

The offer came from an investment firm called Roark Capital, which also owns Arby’s, Hardees, and Jimmy Johns subs.

It’s an impressive offer - $2.3 billion.


Walmart tests virtual reality in makeup department

Walmart is going high tech in cosmetics.

They’re using a program called “Modiface” to help try on makeup in five stores across the country.

The technology lets you see what makeup looks like on your face without you actually putting it on.

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