Anti-bullying teen advocate at South San High School


    SAN ANTONIO - A local teenager bullied at South San High School has turned her bad situation into something good.

    And she's getting a lot of support for her anti-bullying movement.

    "Yeah, it's exciting," Brianna Ybarra said.

    When we first introduced you to Brianna Ybarra, in October, the South San High School freshman was going through a tough time.

    Bullying at school resulted in physical and emotional scars.

    "Really bad, the depression, the crying the headaches, she had Hematomas in her brain," her mother Ida Salinas said.

    Fast forward to now, the 16-year old is the face of an anti-bullying campaign "Be a buddy, not a bully."

    "Feels exciting, feels good," Ybarra said.

    It's a collaborative effort headed by community activist Stacey Alderete.

    A growing number of students, teachers and parents are part of the grassroots effort.

    Jacinto Martinez of AWALO Printing donated dozens of logo printed t-shirts.

    "The message is that we need to work together, that parents need to get together to interact with their children and see what's going on in the schools," Alderete said.

    The group believes bullying is often a cry for help stemming from issues away from school.

    "If you're going through something get counseling so that you don't have to bully nobody because you have hatred or whatever's going on," Salinas said.

    They've met with legislators, and have been in touch with school leaders on behalf of all students.

    "We need to make sure they're getting the resources they need so that we don't have these situations," Alderete said.

    With Brianna leading the charge, the group's working toward more than consequences for bullying.

    They're seeking solutions to prevent it from happening in the first place.

    "It takes one person to believe that you can and she has an army behind her that does so I'm excited for her i'm very, very proud of her," Alderete said.

    Also in the works a buddy system at South San High School; where students could mentor younger students in hopes of sharing experiences that can ultimate help prevent the problem.

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