Anti-bullying rally held at City Hall

    City leaders gathered at the steps of city hall Wednesday morning to take the "David's Law Pledge.” (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

    SAN ANTONIO -- As part of our "Make It Stop" initiative, we are committed to bringing awareness to the problem of cyber-bullying.

    As the new school year approaches, city leaders gathered at the steps of city hall Wednesday morning to take the "David's Law Pledge.” The pledge is an effort to get people take ownership of their online identities by pledging not to bully others.

    "David's Law" is named after David Molak, the San Antonio teenager who ended his own life last year because of cyber bullying.

    Other teens who say that they were bullied in the past attended the event. They say having "David's Law" in effect back then would have been very important.

    "I definitely think it would have, just knowing that there is support from other people that they're here for us. That's very important in that situation as well, as having someone there for you," said Churchill High School student Jayden Burnett.

    David's Law requires school districts to include cyberbullying in their bullying policies and notify a child's parents if that child is a victim or alleged aggressor of bullying.

    The law allows schools to combat cyberbullying by investigating instances of bullying that might occur off campus.

    “I pledge to never use my device as a weapon”

    The David’s Legacy Foundation invites schools and families to show their support and celebrate this momentous legislative change by participating in a pledge against cyberbullying. The pledge is made by simply placing a David’s Law Pledge sticker, featuring a red ellipsis text bubble, on their phone or computer. The sticker’s red ellipsis symbol represents the anticipation of receiving a text and the dangerous moment when a cyberbully is drafting his or her attack.

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