Alumni of local high school honor veterans

Plaque ceremony

SAN ANTONIO- Thomas Desselle, Eddie Acuff and Paul Richards all attended Thomas Edison high school.

And all three men died while serving in the Vietnam war. Desselle was a Marine, Richards and Acuff were in the Army.

"I have not forgotten them in 50 years and to see that none of the classmates now haven't forgotten them either was pretty profound; I am glad to see that they are being remembered,” said US Army Veteran Carmelo Macias.

Carmelo macias was one of the original men in the JROTC program at Edison high school that began in 1967. He was in class alongside Desselle, Acuff and Richards. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Michael Jindra was also there when the program started and went on to serve a total of 30 years in the military.

"Tommy and I were athletes together, he was a football player, I ran track, but we shared the same locker room together and we went to school together for many years,” said US Army retired Lieutenant Colonel Michael Jindra.

Friday, was not just about the memories of these men in class, but also a chance to recognize their service and sacrifice.

"Today when we hung up those plaques they reminded me of those three that gave their lives for our country, how proud I am of them, how they gave their ultimate sacrifice for our country, how proud I am of them,” said Edison High School Alumni Pat Good.

A pride that will forever hang on the wall inside Edison high school, with the hope it will inspire and motivate generations to come.

"For all veterans serving, they are putting their lives on the line, and these kids that are in the ROTC here today, are going into that world to serve and so they need to be prepared,” said Good.

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