Allegations of a $15,000 endorsement deal in District 2 Council Run-off

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SAN ANTONIO - Controversy is brewing in the runoff race for district two's City Council seat.

Minutes after former candidate Keith Toney announced his endorsement for Councilman Alan Warrick.

His opponent William Shaw claimed Toney's endorsement was first offered to him for a fee.

"When you have backroom deals in city council the only people hurting is the community," Shaw said.

William Shaw says he met former opponent Keith Toney Monday to ask what it would take for his endorsement in the District 2 Council run-off.

"And his response was, well I have $15,000 worth of debt that needs to be wiped out and I want to make sure the labor fest stays on the east side," Shaw said.

It's a claim Toney denies.

"Paying off campaign debt of a former opponent is nothing new, but we didn't request that Darian we never did," Keith Toney said.

Toney says he did discuss issues important to his supporters; like adding amenities to MKL Park, and keeping Labor Fest on the east side.

"These are things we need to discuss if you want my endorsement and of course endorsement means votes," Toney said.

The numbers from Saturdays General Election show Toney has nearly 1400 votes up for grabs.

But Toney and Shaw could not reach an agreement.

"I told him no, I can't write you a check for $15,000," Shaw said.

Earlier Wednesday on the steps of city hall...

"I'm here today to endorse Alan Warrick for City Council District 2," Toney said.

Councilman Warrick was joined by three previous District 2 Councilmen who announced their endorsements for Warrick.

Minutes later, a post on social media from the Shaw camp claimed Toney had offered his endorsement for a fee.

Shaw said, "It’s about transparency. I mean city council is supposed to be working for the public they should know what's going on."

"Mr. Shaw knows it's pretty much a wrap for him. so I think this is an act of desperation on his part," Toney said.

"I was in shock I couldn't believe what I was hearing," Witness Aubry Lewis said.

Aubry Lewis says he was there when Toney asked for $15,000 to retire his campaign debt.

Here's what he said about Toney endorsing Warrick.

"Well I can only imagine what happened, that he got what he was looking for," Lewis said.

"Whatever deal Mr. Toney has with Mr. Warrick I have no clue," Shaw said. "I just know what he asked from us, we declined and the next thing we know is that he's endorsing Mr. Warrick."

We asked Warrick about the accusation.

The runoff election is Saturday, June 10th.

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