Alamo Heights creates task force to address bullying


    SAN ANTONIO- The superintendent for Alamo Heights announced Monday the creation of a task force to address bullying.

    This in response to the recent death of a former student said to be the victim of bullying at the district's high school.

    "The attention in the media paid to bullying," said Psychiatrist Dr. Jason Miller. "Should be a rallying cry."

    Dr. Miller said it's an old fashioned way of thinking to believe bullied kids just need to toughen up.

    "Children haven't acquired the complex defense mechanisms adults have," Dr. Miller said.

    That children's, even adolescent's, brains aren't made to handle these scenarios. They physically don't have the same abilities to cope with a bullies that adults do.

    "It feels intensely personal," he said.

    So kids tend to take the words a bully says as fact, and carry it with them the rest of their lives.

    "What we realize now is those children grow into adults," Dr. Miller said. "Who have problems and struggles because of the bullying."

    "Character education, treatment of others begins at an early age," said Dr. Kevin Brown the Superintendent for Alamo Heights.

    He said they do have programs in place beginning in pre-kinder to prevent bullying, but after the tragic death of a former student they plan to do even more.

    "We're trying to find a way to move forward in a positive way," said Dr. Brown.

    "We have an up hill battle ahead of us," said Dr. Miller.

    Both Dr's know it's really how adults behave that will will make a difference.

    "Kids are just children," said Dr. Miller. "They dont have the abilities we as adults have, we need to watch out for them."

    To read Dr. Brown's full statement: click here

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