Airport plans to spend thousands of dollars to improve transportation

Airport parking study

SAN ANTONIO- The San Antonio International Airport plans to spend more than 100,000 dollars for a six month study to see what can be done to make getting in and out of the airport smoother.

"It irritates me to wait for the shuttle,” said airport passenger Alejandro Zamudio.

Alejandro Zamudio and his family are anxious for the parking construction to be complete. The airport says it is all still on track to be done in the fall of 2017. But, before it is finished, they plan to conduct a 6 month study to see what else is needed to make things as easy as possible for passengers and employees.

"It's not connected at all with the consolidated rental car facility or when it returns to the public itself, this is about a long term look and a study for how we ought to be going in a stand point of providing that affective and efficient parking for the citizens that use the airport here,” said San Antonio International airport, aviation director Tom Jones.

The study will cost more than 123,000 dollars and will come out of money collected in operating the airport, like concessions and parking fees. It will compare our airport operations with six others.

"An examination of other airports around the nation that we feel are peer airports in terms of proximity in Texas or size of city and airport operations,” said Jones.

This is the first study of the airport's parking and ground transportation. City Council will decide Thursday if they think this is a smart use of money.

"This is a 6 month study to get a better understanding of what a good strategy might be and so I believe that this is a good start,” said District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino.

Some residents think the price sounds a bit steep and others say, anything to make their travel smoother.

"A lot of money to figure out how good you are doing,” said San Antonio resident Nathan Winters.

"Everyone gets frustrated in traffic so if they can avoid that they can spend money and if they can afford it I think its money well spent, said Zamudio.

District 9 Councilman Joe Krier says, "While I view the study as a necessary step to easing the airport's parking problems, I have fundamental questions about its steep cost."

The airport says this study may result in privatizing some of our operations as opposed to being city run. The City Council will vote on whether or not they approve the funding for this study at their next City Council meeting Thursday. We'll let you know what they decide.

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