After Olmos Park, Alamo Heights repeals ordinance banning loaded guns within city limits

Open Carry (MGN Online)

ALAMO HEIGHTS- The city of Alamo Heights took steps on Wednesday morning to avoid any conflict with Second Amendment rights activists following a similar situation with the city of Olmos Park.

In just 5 minutes the Alamo Heights city council repealed a 55-year-old ordinance that did not allow anyone besides law enforcement to carry a loaded gun on their streets.

"It’s out of our purview to do anything because the state takes care of this, and they have changed, so we are just updating our stuff to what the state of Texas provides,” said Alamo City Council member Lynda Billa Burke.

Just last week the city of Olmos Park removed the same ordinance on their books. This followed after several people were arrested while protesting it. Something Alamo Heights hoped to avoid.

"It’s unfortunate because none of those people are from San Antonio and it’s unfortunate that you want to force something on, everyone is entitled to their rights. There are some people that don't like to be around guns, some people that feel nervous, and we live in such a quick society, we are more reactionary instead of taking action on things,” said Burke.

We checked with the city of San Antonio who also has this ordinance in place. They say state law supersedes it, so it is not enforced. They also say they have not had any and do not predict any issues in the future.

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