ACS Pet Pantry Program needs donations

Animal Care Services needs your help! Their Pet Pantry is just about empty. The program provides pet food and supplies to struggling families.

"The purpose of this program is to keep pets in their loving homes," said Camille Shelton with ACS.

It's slim pickings in the Pet Pantry at Animal Care Services. "We're in critical need of dry dog food," said Shelton. "We're also in critical need of cat litter."

Only nine bags of donated dog food are left and they're completely out of cat litter. "We are in a situation where, if we don't receive donations today or tomorrow, then saturday morning -- we're going to give out this dog food the first one, two hours of the pantry being open and then, unfortunately, having no food," Shelton said.

130 families are on the ACS Pet Pantry program and they're concerned they're not going to have enough to give. "If someone's going through hard times, maybe someone got laid off recently or they're going through a trying time in their family, we're there to step in and provide them a month, two months, three months of temporary assistance," she said.

Shelton says the whole point of the program is to keep animals from coming back. "It's incredibly critical," Shelton explained. "If we don't receive those community donations, we can't continue this program and if we can't continue this program the reality is that most of these pets of these 130 families on this program, most of the pets will, unfortunately, be owner surrendered."

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