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ACs for SA kicks off to help beat the heat

ACs for SA kicks off to help beat the heat - News 4 at 5pm{p}{/p}{p}{/p}
ACs for SA kicks off to help beat the heat - News 4 at 5pm

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As we all know summer in San Antonio and South Texas can sometimes be more about enduring than enjoying especially if you're living without air conditioning. Jesusa Vigil is one of those people and today we helped stop that.

News 4 San Antonio is partnering with Meals on Wheels and Fix My AC to try to provide some relief from this relentless South Texas heat.

"It's great! It's good, it will be cooler tonight. And maybe this will help my cough, and I hope with this now being so cold, I might feel better," says Mrs. Vigil.

Meals on wheels is playing a huge part in this program by identifying people that they see need help when they're making their food deliveries daily. Without them this probably wouldn’t be happening.

Jim Snyder, Director for Meals on Wheels for SA explains, "pretty excited about the program so we can help more people like we saw today. It really makes a big difference and fast. The heats still here and we're looking at the hottest part of the summer coming so i think we're going to make a big difference in some people’s lives."

And as Ms. Yolanda De La Cruz, who also received an A/C, is quick to point out there are so many more people that need help as well.

"I feel bad for them because if I'm going through the same thing that they are I know what they're going through. The heat is bad and if there's people that don’t have any help or don't about the help it's worse for them."

And the wonderful folks at Fix My AC have also jumped in help out.

"Honestly when I come to these houses and you see the joy in these peoples faces and it kind of humbles me to know where I'm at here in this world," says Shawn Goerndt, Owner of Fix My AC.

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