ACS 4 SA helped keep San Antonians cooler this summer

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    SAN ANTONIO---An update on how your donations helped News4 and Meals on Wheels partner to provide air conditions for many during the peak of our sweltering summer heat.

    "When we get a gift like this, it's more than a gift, it transcends the air conditioner. We start to see that beyond that door that there's hope and there’s possibility now," says Luis Hernandez.

    This summer we officially hit a hundred degree or better 27 times including 105 in July and for Luis Hernandez, who is a cancer survivor now waiting for a hip operation, when Meals on Wheels told him the A/C was on the way,

    "Boy was I happy to hear that. I was struggling in here with a lot of heat. It was hot! Very hot," exclaims Hernandez.

    Forrest Myane, the Director of Donor Relations says the impact of the program has been incredible!

    "It’s just been life changing for these people. It's making them more comfortable, it's helping with their health and just really adding to the services that we're able to provide them."

    Through our partnership with meals on wheel 200 people were impacted with A/C window units, A/C system repairs or fans to move the cooler air around.

    78 year old Cruz Grant has plenty to be thankful for along with the A/C unit. Eight daughters, Ten grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 2 great-great grandkids. Wow!

    "Well it makes a difference cause I'm in bed a lot of the time so I have to be cool. I'm very uncomfortable when I'm hot! I've always told my daughter I'd rather be cold than hot," says Grant.

    Meals on Wheels is now planning on continuing the program year around calling it "Comfy Casas," providing A/C window unit in the summer and heaters in the winter. Thanks to all who donated for your help.

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