ACS: 10 to 15 animal bite cases on daily basis


SAN ANTONIO - Testimony was heard in the trial of a couple whose dog allegedly mauled their elderly next-door neighbor.

Dog bites are a growing problem in San Antonio.

According to Animal Care Services (ACS,) investigators deal with anywhere from 10 to 15 animal bite cases on a daily basis.

“All pets have the potential to bite. So we can't single out a breed at this time,” said Manuel Flores, Filed Supervisor in charge at ACS.

Here’s the dog dilemma.

“We still have people that allow their pets to roam even wander off their property even after knowing that there's a certain area where the dog is able to get out,” added Flores.

The recent case of a woman whose arm was severed off in a dog attack is now sparking questions in court.

It's a frightening situation playing out on San Antonio streets.

“Try to get whatever you can between you and the animal for safety. You never know, it may look friendly but just like people, but if you get closer something could happen,” explained Aimee DeContreras, Field Manager.

ACS also warns dog owners to make sure their property is secure and to report to 311 any loose or aggressive animals.

“If we don't have people making these reports then we won't know about it,” added Flores.

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