92-year-old veteran says he was defrauded of wife's life insurance

Curtis McCubbin, Plaintiff by Darian Trotter, June 29th 2016

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KERRVILLE - A 92-year old veteran is fighting for his wife's life insurance. He says he was defrauded just days before her death.

"These people are thieves," says Curtis McCubbin.

He says his beloved wife was on her deathbed when two of her co-workers tricked her into removing him from her life insurance policy so they could collect the more than $250,000. Shirley McCubbin was terminally ill with breast cancer.

She died September 15th, 2015 just four days after signing the change of beneficiary form. "People will apparently do anything for money," he says.

Attorney Richard Ellison said, "If Shirley McCubbin actually signed it, they had to guide her hand and they told her what was in it. I don't believe for a minute Shirley McCubbin intended to cut her husband out of the insurance money."

"She was in terrible, pitiful physical condition," Curtis McCubbin said. "Mentally and physically she could have not known what she was doing."

McCubbin says she was legally blind, was on oxygen, and couldn't even hold up her head. And this was before her health took a turn for the worse.

"I think these women lied to her," Ellison said. "There's no telling what they told her."

The women reportedly helped Shirley McCubbin sign the form because she didn't believe her husband needed the money.

"They filed a claim with the insurance company and came within three days of getting the money," Ellison said.

But a court injunction blocked the payment.

Now the money sits in limbo forcing McCubbin to borrow money to bury his wife.

"What do I want to happen? I want them put in jail where they belong," he says.

News 4 tried to reach out to the attorney representing the women accused in the case. We are still waiting on a response.

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