9 members of one family killed in church massacre laid to rest

Loved ones to pay final respects to Holcombe family members killed at Sutherland Springs - News 4 at 5pm

FLORESVILLE, TEXAS - Thousands of people gathered at the Floresville Event Center on Wednesday to pay their respects to nine members of the Holcombe and Hill families. Bryan Holcombe, Karla Holcombe, Danny Holcombe, Noah Holcombe, Crystal Holcombe, Carlin Brite Holcombe, Greg Hill, Emily Hill and Megan Hill were all killed by a gunman in a Sutherland Springs church.

"It's really depressing because some of them were taken too young,” Tabitha Moon said.

Moon was one of hundreds who were turned away at the funeral after the venue reached its capacity of 3,000.

"I was really crushed because I knew one of them was about to have a baby and that really upsets me because he never even had a chance to live,” Moon said.

After the nearly three-hour service, Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputies escorted seven hearses carrying nine members of a single family to their final resting place in Sutherland Springs.

A heartbreaking sight as Wilson county sheriff's deputies escort seven hearses carrying nine members of one family to their final resting place.

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