874 children in Bexar County waiting to be adopted

(SBG San Antonio photo)

SAN ANTONIO - Hundreds of children in Bexar County are waiting to be fostered or adopted but local foster care agencies say there are not enough foster parents to keep up with need.

Statistics filed for the 2017 fiscal year show 874 children were waiting for adoption.

Sarah Vasquez, Regional Director of 'A World For Children,' said the need for foster parents is at an all time high.

Every month, the foster care agency has to turn away about 165 children.

"That's babies, that's sibling groups, that's kiddos 12 and up so there's a huge need right now for foster parents to open up their home," Vasquez said.

In the meantime, children just wait.

"I would say a lot of times, they go to shelters or they have to be placed out of the region," Vasquez said.

A World For Children is holding a 2-day mini conference to raise awareness and educate current foster parents and future foster parents on how to better understand the children being placed.

"Kids coming into foster care nowadays, the abuse is more severe, it's been more long term so it's helping our foster parents help them once they're in their home," Vasquez said.

The event is part of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

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