75-Pound Runaway Tortoise Found Safe


SAN ANTONIO - A runaway tortoise was caught after it managed to slip away from its owners and started to roam a Northwest Side neighborhood.

Luckily, another tortoise owner found it and kept it safe while he searched for the owner.

"I could barely believe it you know, it was crazy," Ian Campbell said. Campbell has one memorable story to tell.

First, it's important to note Campbell has grown fond of his own pet tortoise, affectionately named Tortellini.

"We got a great little habitat set up for him," Campbell said.

Eight months later he still fits in the palm of his hand.

So you can imagine Ian's surprise when he drove past a 15-year-old Sulcata Tortoise roaming the neighborhood.

"I simply get out and I stand I'm looking at it just like this," Campbell recounted.

Turns out it was Isabell's pet named "Sand Spike."

"We've had him a year now and you just get really attached to him," Isabell Thomas said. "He just has his own little personality. He'll follow you around."

She and her family didn't know it but "sand spike" had slipped through a fence that was accidentally left unlocked.

The 75-pound tortoise managed to travel about five houses down before Ian spotted him.

"Slow just as a tortoise goes you know nothing fast not running or anything," Campbell demonstrated. "I got up and I picked him up and got some leverage where I was using some of my body weight because this is a big tortoise you know," Campbell demonstrated.

He alerted neighbors about his discovery and "Sand Spike" was returned to his rightful owners.

Thomas said, "I'm just really happy to have him home."

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