6-month-old baby dies at San Antonio day care


Police are investigating the death a of 6-month-old boy at a San Antonio day care.

"We were about to do some nice happy things and now we have to bury our little boy. It's just tough," said Michael Carter Donnell's father Richard Donnell.

San Antonio police responded to Our Little Hopes & Dreams Christian Learning Center on Callaghan Rd. Monday afternoon for a call to a child not breathing. According to police, daycare staff called 911 and began life-saving techniques. The baby was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

"Got a phone call around 1 saying that our son was unresponsive," said Donnell.

According to Donnell, young Michael Carter had just learned how to roll over and he warned day care staff that he often throws up while doing it.

"He just started rolling over and every time he's on his stomach, he throws up a little bit. We let them know that - don't let him be on his stomach and that's exactly what happened," said Donnell.

He believes the baby was unsupervised and rolled over and choked.

"It looks like he just choked on all his vomit and it just looks like nobody was watching him at the time he was suffering," said Donnell.

Police say they are actively investigating and questioning day care staff. They say caretakers have been cooperative.

"Something wasn't done right. We want answers. You know, we send our child to be taken care of and looked after not the opposite," said Donnell.

A director at the day care was reached by phone. She declined an interview but said the entire staff is in shock over the loss.

Police are waiting on autopsy results to help determine how they proceed. The investigation is active and ongoing.

If you would like to help the family with funeral costs, a donation page has been set up. You can access it here.

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