15-year-old dies after he's shot through bedroom window, family says


Police are investigating the shooting death of 15-year-old Sonny Vidales.

"We were woken up, my son comes in the room, turned on the light, telling me mommy help me, somebody shot me," said Sonny's mother, Christine Vidales.

His mother says her son was shot through an opening in his bedroom window. She was woken up early Saturday morning by Sonny who told her he had been shot and was asking for help.

“Once he collapsed, I couldn’t do nothing for him. He was just trying to breathe and I was trying to ask him questions and I couldn’t get nothing out of him," said Vidales.

She called 911 but by the time emergency crews arrived to the house on the 300 block of Adolph Street, the teen passed away.

“Dumb little things aren’t worth taking someone’s life because you’re not just taking their life, you’re taking their mother’s life, their sibling’s life, my mom just beat breast cancer and that was her baby, that was her baby," said Vidales.

Now police are investigating what exactly happened.

Vidales says the 15-year-old was idolized by his younger siblings who were also in the house sleeping at the time of the shooting. She says he served as a father figure to them.

“He loved his family so much and he was so protective of everyone and just if he could help anyone out, he would," said Vidales.

Vidales is clinging to her faith and praying that the people responsible for her son's death will turn themselves in.

“I want them when they’re going to sleep at night to see my son’s face, to hear maybe what my son said and for it to haunt them to where they feel like this isn’t right, this isn’t right," said Vidales.

If you would like to help the family with funeral cost, a gofundme page has been created. You can donate, here.

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