10 year old 'Miracle child' legacy lives on as organ donor

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    A local family is going through the most painful time of their lives, they're about to take their beloved 10-year-old daughter off life support.

    The family is taking Chevelle Sandoval off life support tonight after she suffered a severe epileptic seizure, but donating her organs so her legacy will live on.

    Julia Sandoval says she's always known her daughter was special.

    "My daughter's been a miracle since she was a baby since we got her, she's been a blessing from above." Sandoval said.

    Those thoughts validated four years ago, when Chevelle suffered an epileptic seizure and survived a severe case of pneumonia.

    "We almost lost her twice around that time." Sandoval said.

    Then Chevelle suffered another seizure one that left her brain dead.

    "When she got sick Friday I wasn't expecting her that my daughter was not going to go home with us." Sandoval said.

    But her family says since then, they've seen a sign.

    "MY daughter's favorite color is green." Sandoval said.

    The same color signaling an organ donor, which Julia saw as an opportunity, empathizing with mothers waiting for the words they are longing to hear.

    "I know what that feeling would be like and I would love to share that miracle." Sandoval said.

    Knowing that even in the darkest of days, her daughter will still bring light into the lives of others, and only asking for one thing in return.

    "I would love to hear my daughter's heart beat and get to know who she saved." Sandoval said.

    On top of everything they are going through, the family got life insurance for Chevelle in December, but it is not being honored because they have been with the company for less than two years.

    You can help the family by donating at a GoFundMe here:

    And they are also holding plate sale January 26th at the Rock of Revelation Church at 1119 Braubach St. starting at 11 O’ clock in the morning.

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