10 San Antonio Officers suspended in the month of November

    News 4 San Antonio

    Officer Dezi Rios, 15 day suspension without pay: According to the report, "Officer Rios drank intoxicating beverages to the extent he was rendered unfit to report for duty." Later that night, documents state Officer Rios became involved in an altercation with another male in the parking lot of a Gentleman's club. Officer Rios was shot 6 times. Rios returned fire, hitting the other male twice, said SAPD Chief William McManus. Read the full story here.

    Officer Neil Rocha, 10 day suspension without pay: Officer Rocha reportedly "negligently struck a vehicle". Details of when the accident happened were not included in the report.

    Detective Jeffrey Walker, 1 day suspension without pay: Officer Walker reportedly referred to a DPS female employee as a "skank" after using profanity towards her.

    Officer Nathan Mejia, 30 day suspension without pay: Officer Mejia reportedly "had slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet, and had an odor of intoxicants on his breath." Suspension papers also state "a SAISD Officer attempted to detain a male friend of Officer Mejia, an off-duty SAPD officer, Officer Mejia placed himself in the path of the SAISD Officer, which provided the friend to take the opportunity to leave before the SAISD officer could detain him."

    Officer John Mendoza, 5 day suspension without pay and 3 day suspension without pay for another incident: Officer Mendoza was suspended for 5 days for reportedly "failed to initiate his body worn camera." According to the report, "Officer John Mendoza was at 737 Mayfield taking a report when it was brought to his attention that a small child was dangerously close to an open window several feet above the ground. Officer Mendoza remained inside of his vehicle and did not immediately act on the information provided to him by the complainant." Officer Mendoza was put on a 3 day suspension, because during an investigation, "it was discovered that Officer Mendoza, had been working at Mama Margie's Mexican Restaurant... without an approved Employment Permit."

    Officer Jacob Barcena, 3 day suspension without pay: Officer Barcena reportedly "struck a center median."

    Detective David Rodriguez, 1 day suspension without pay: Detective Rodriguez reportedly "arrested an individual for several charges including outstanding warrants and possession of a controlled substance. At booking, a detention center intake officer discovered additional controlled substance contraband in the arrested person's pocket that had not been discovered by Detective Rodriguez during his search incident arrest." The report also states "Detective Rodriguez muted his body worn camera three times during the event without documenting the reasons for the muting."

    Officer Genova Avila, 1 day suspension without pay: Officer Avila reportedly "negligently struck a fire hydrant."

    Officer Joshua Knowles, 27 day suspension without pay: Officer Knowles reportedly "conducted a traffic stop and arrested Mr. Deric Harris." Officer Knowles allegedly stated "This will go one of two ways. One you're a hard a-- and I rip you out of your car. Or two, you give me your ID." Suspension papers state "Officer Knowles can be heard on his body worn camera engaging in an unnecessary verbal exchange with Mr. Harris."

    Officer Julie Cortez, 1 day suspension: Officer Cortez allegedly "forgot to activate her body worn camera, a violation of the aforementioned procedure."

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