Mom warns of X-rated texts being sent to cell phones

SAN ANTONIO -- Mom Mandy Majors tells News 4 San Antonio she was surprised when an X-rated text popped up on her phone earlier this week. "And it said for live streaming nudity click here," said Majors.Majors first thought the text message was an isolated incident, but when she posted about it on her personal Facebook page and her Mom Talk group Facebook page, she received quite a few messages."Everybody started commenting and said I got the same text, and they copied and pasted it in the comments, and it was the same one I got." Majors went on to say, to her surprise, everyone who received the text had the same phone carrier. "It was all AT&T," said Majors.AT&T tells News 4 San Antonio this is spam text messaging, and it's a multi-carrier problem.The phone company says if you get one of these unwanted messages, forward the message to short code 7726, which spells SPAM, and the phone company will investigate.Majors hopes stories like this one will spark conversations between parents and their children.

"I tell my group, it's not if they're going to be exposed to porn, it's when and how they are going to deal with it, and this text message is a great example to open up that conversation," added Majors.To learn more about the Mom Talk group: CLICK HEREFor consumer tips to avoid texting scams: CLICK HERE

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