Is the Guacalypse coming?

    By: Ashley SuttonNews 4 San AntonioThe love for avocados runs deep, and with 80% of US-produced avocados coming from drought-stricken California, it's a love that money will have to buy.Just as the drought sends almond prices soaring, consumers can expect a price increase for the buttery fruit.A pound of avocados requires 72 gallons of water, which is 63 gallons more than what's needed for a pound of tomatoes. That's a lot of water from a state that NASA says needs a trillion gallons of water to recover from the severe drought. As reported on Grub Street, the California drought is one of many struggles in the battle to meet the grande-sized demand for the guacamole staple. Chile and Mexico, both major US avocado importers, are struggling too. In Mexico, avocados are so lucrative that one drug cartel's criminal handlings over the produce is compared to Africa's blood diamonds, launching the term "blood guacamole."As this "Guacalypse Now" situation spirals toward produce doomsday, California farmers worry that it could eventually cost too much to feed the water-demanding crop.It's not easy being this green fruit right now, but there is a silver lining. Avocados have a cult-like following and love that no price can break. So, chins up guac devotees, and take a page from Tami Terrel because... no wind, (no wind), no rain (or lack there of) no winter's cold can stop this "maybe" Guacalypse. How much money would you pay for an avocado? Join the conversation, here.{}

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