Spices with insects mixed in get a local restaurant in trouble

An outside of view of the demerit restaurant from this week (News 4 San Antonio)

Mi Jalisco Mexican restaurant, on 2403 Pinn Road, scored a 69 on its latest inspection conducted by the Metro Health department. Any score below 70 is considered failing. Health inspectors found several violations including.

  • A bed was observed in an office by dry food storage area. Living or sleeping must be separated from rooms or areas used for food establishments
  • Rotten lettuce and bell peppers were in the walk-in cooler
  • Glass cleaner was stored where tortillas are made
  • Raw eggs and bacon were stored over ready to eat food items
  • Spices with insects mixed were also found....

Little Italy Restaurant Captures Blue Plate Award

This week News 4 San Antonio's Blue Plate Award for getting a 100 score goes to Little Italy Restaurant located at 824 Afterglow Street.

It's a local restaurant owned by a family that came from Italy. They started in New York City and then decided to move to San Antonio bringing both their recipes and traditions to South Texas.

"Thank you for this Plate this is beautiful and I can say thank you for my employees and try hard keeping little Italy good and clean," Paola Visocaro, one of the restaurant owners

"Thank you that's perfect I'm really excited and we would definitely sold off proudly," Marisa Visocaro, on the restaurant owners

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