Rodents, live roaches lead to drive-in's failed health inspection

(SBG San Antonio photo)

A & A Drive Inn at 4103 West Commerce Street, scored a 64 on its latest health inspection conducted by the Metro Health Department.

Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

  • Dirty kitchen equipment
  • No thermometer in the refrigerator
  • A leaky faucet
  • Roach bait above the prep table
  • Rodents and live roaches

A deeper look into this restaurant shows that it passed its previous inspections over the last three years.

On Nov. 17, 2016 it scored an 88. On June 23, 2015, the A & A Drive Inn received its highest score of 96. And on March 13, 2015 the restaurant got an 86.

Some of the violations mentioned were already taken care of and the other violations have to be taken care of by April 29.

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