Rodents and flies earn one local Chinese food place a failing health inspection score

This is the sign you will see while driving by the demerit restaurant for this week ( News 4 San Antonio)

Wen Wah Chinese restaurant located at 531 N New Braunfels Avenue, received an inspection score of 67 conducted by the Metro Health Department. Anything below 70 is considered failing.

The health inspector found several violations including:

  • Two cans of food had sharp dents on its seams and sides. The cans had to be thrown out or returned for credit.
  • Pots stored on a drying rack had food left on them.
  • Employees were wearing gloves, but they didn't wash their hands between glove and job changes. Employees were seen touching their pants, working they drive-through and front counter.
  • Rice was found sitting in bins under a dirty vent.
  • Food was placed on a serving window that had food debris and dust on it.
  • Flies were observed.
  • And rodent droppings on canned goods and a cardboard box full of packaged noodles.

Because all of these issues there will be a re-inspection and everything must be corrected by January of next year.

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