Roaches in kitchen among list of issues leading to restaurant's failed health inspection

Mi Celayence Mexican Restaurant is the demerit restaurant for this week. (News 4 San Antonio)

Mi Celayence Mexican Restaurant, located at 2903 Fredericksburg Road scored a 54 on its recent inspection conducted by the Metro Health Department. Anything below 70 is considered a failing score.

The health inspector found several violations including:

  • Food debris on cooler shelves, a water heater closet, and ceilings
  • A leak in the washing sink faucet
  • No utensils with handles for bulk food items
  • Fiberglass exposed on a broken freezer lid
  • A broken window above the three compartment sink
  • Employees not washing their hands before putting gloves on
  • Roaches in the kitchen

A deeper look into Mi Celayence Mexican Restaurant shows it passed its three other inspections this year.

  • On September 26 it got 79.
  • On May 26 it got its highest score of 93.
  • And on January 6, it got a 84.

Because of all of the current issues there will be a re-inspection and everything must be corrected by January of next year.

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