Popular coffee spot fails health inspection

    Rosella at The Rand

    A popular coffee spot in downtown failed its latest health inspection, because of mishandling of food, improper use of gloves and a number of other problems.

    Rosella at The Rand located off Houston street, scored a 68.

    Anything below a 70 is a failing score. Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

    • Food handled without the proper use of gloves.
    • Employees washing gloves instead of hands and failing to use new gloves for each task.
    • Beef thawing in water in a sink with chicken.
    • Cell phone placed above a cold unit where it could contaminate food that is being prepped.

    A deeper look into this restaurant, shows that it passed previous inspections over the last year.

    • In September, it scored a 73
    • In March, its highest score 93
    • And in November 2017, they got a 94.

    Some of the violations have been corrected and the rest have to be taken care of by March.

    For a list of all restaurant reports click HERE.

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