Open bin of chips were observed being stored beside hand sink and under paper towels

An outside view of the demerit restaurant for this week. (News 4 San Antonio)

Gilbert's Mexican Restaurant, located at 8161 Latigo Drive, scored a 63 on its latest inspection conducted by the Bexar Metro Health Department. A score below 70 is considered failing. Health inspectors found several violations including:

  • An employee was seen picking egg shells off the floor, then handling ready-to-eat tortillas without changing gloves or washing hands
  • No employees were seen washing their hands during the entire inspection
  • Raw shelled eggs were placed directly on top of open containers of ready-to-eat foods
  • Cracks on the bottom of the mop sink were observed causing grey water to pool onto the floor
  • An open bin of chips was observed stored directly beside hand sink and under paper towels

Because of the number of violations, a re-inspection took place July 28th and all the items have been corrected.

Blue Plate Awarded to Mina & Dimi's Greek House Inc.

This week's News 4 San Antonio's Blue Plate Award for scoring a perfect 100 score goes to Mina & Dimi's Greek House Inc., 7159 Highway 90.

"First I want to thank you all for recognizing all of our hard work we did it again guys!" said Frank Olivares, the restaurant manager.

Some of their favorites dishes are garlicky taste of Tzatzsiki to the cinnamon spice of Baklava. Getting dinner in this place is a thing for all senses including taste, smell, sight, touch, and sound. They always want to thank to all of their customers for choosing dining with them.

"I want to thank customers. Without them I believe we couldn't have done this. Here we go guys this is for the books!"

CLICK HERE to view all the inspections results...

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