Kitchen Cops: A Mexican cafe specializing in pancakes gets a perfect score

This is how News 4 Blue Plate Award winner looks from outside (News 4 San Antonio)

Not a single restaurant failed its health inspection this week. A Mexican cafe specializing in pancakes got a perfect score and has collected a short stack of Blue Plates.

Blue Plate Awarded to Apetitos Mexican Restaurant

The News 4 Blue Plate Award went to Apetitos Mexican Restaurant. It is located on 1615 Meadow Way.

Apetitos has been around for 26 years, and get this, this is their fourth Blue Plate Award!

"Well we feel very honored and we try and we work hard to achieve this 100 score that we get constantly and we are proud of our Blue Plate and we always show them on the wall," said owner Margie Davis.

This restaurant is known for its Mexican menu and its pancakes.

"There are butter milk pancakes that is our special recipe and people have been bringing their kids, grand kids that are in college now and they still are coming back for pancakes," says Davis.

CLICK HERE to view all the inspections....

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