Fruit cup shop fails health inspection

    Sabrositos Fruit & Cup fails health inspection

    Spoiled food and invalid permits have caused a local snack shop to fail their latest health inspection.

    Sabrosito's Snack and Fruit Cups, located off Vance Jackson near Balcones Heights, scored a 69. Anything under a 70 is failing.

    Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

    • Spoiled food on the shelves of the walk-in cooler.
    • Mold/mildew like substances growing on containers.
    • Invalid food manager certification, the last posted permit had expired in 2017.
    • Refrigerated items were found at room temperature.

    A deeper look into this restaurant, shows that it aced previous inspections over the last year:

    • June 26 scored 91
    • February 20 scored 95
    • August 2017 scored 96

    Some of the violations have been corrected and the rest have to be taken care of by May .

    For a complete list of all the restaurant reports, CLICK HERE.

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