Employees not washing their hands gets a taco place in trouble with the health inspector

Rocky's Taco House is the demerit restaurant for this week ( News 4 San Antonio)

Rocky's Taco House , located at 1302 Cupples Road, received an inspection score of 58 conducted by the Metro Health Department. Anything below 70 is considered failing score.

The health inspector found several violations including:

  • Eggs and sausages were thrown out because they were not kept at the right temperature
  • No hand sanitizers or paper towels for the hand washing sink
  • No utensils with handles for bulk food items
  • No trashcan in the women's restroom
  • Employees were eating in areas where food could get contaminated
  • And they were not washing their hands before putting gloves on

A deeper look into Rocky's shows it has passed it other three inspection this past year.:

  • On September 12 it got 81,
  • On May 22 second a 74,
  • And on January 5, its highest score, of 89

Because all of the current issues there will be a re-inspection and everything must be corrected by January of next year.

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