El Mirasol at Alon wins this week's Blue Plate Award for spotless kitchen

    Blue Plate Award: El Mirasol at Alon


    This week's Blue Plate Award goes to El Mirasol at Alon.

    They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they're specialty.. are their enchiladas.

    Franceline Proal, Manager of El Mirasol at Alon, say's "you will enjoy an enchilada , made out of chipotle pepper, an enchilada made out of poblana pepper, and a half chile and nogales, that's one of the specialties from our kitchen."

    They're located in the Alon, on the corner of Wurzbach and NW Military Highway on the northwest side of town.

    They've been at this location for over 2 years, but El Mirasol has been in business for over 20 years.

    So if you haven't visited this location... you should.

    "The ambiance is great. You can visit along with your family, you can visit along with your coworkers. I'll bet you'll have a great time. Our delicious margaritas and food will delight your night." says Proal.

    And the manager of the restaurant is thrilled for receiving the Blue Plate award.

    "I want to thank, all the customers to make this restaurant possible. And mainly all the staff that happen to do their best job ever and then our rewards come along.. thank you."

    Congratulations and thanks for keeping El Mirasol at Alon squeaky clean.

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