Dirty storage bins with food debris, flies and gnats get a Mexican restaurant in trouble

This is the demerit restaurant for this week that got a 64 on their latest health inspection (News 4 San Antonio)

La Parroquia, on 847 Loop 410 NE, scored 64 on its latest inspection conducted by the Metro Health department. Any score below 70 is considered failing. Health inspectors found several violations including:

- An employee not washing their hands when they came from break and then touched food. That food was thrown out.

-Spatulas, plates, tongs and other utensils were broken, worn, and beyond normal use conditions

-Foods in walk-in refrigeration were not marked with expiration dates and those that were, already had expired.

- Storage bins for utensils were dirty and had food debris

- Some flies and Gnats were flying in the wash and back storage areas.

Sapore's Pizza Captures Blue Plate Award

This week News 4 San Antonio's Blue Plate Award for getting a perfect 100 score goes to Sapore's Pizza at 6422 Old Babcock Road.

It's the third Blue Plate Award that this locally-owned restaurant have won over the last five years. This restaurant serves New York style Pizzas and they also feature salads, pasta and Italian dessert.

"We are thinking about a Blue Plate special actually we just got a stoven here so maybe we are going to start going a little bit more pasta dishes..." said Jackson Castillo, the restaurant manager.

CLICK HERE to view all the inspections results...

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