Dead roaches, and more led to a Mexican restaurant failing its latest inspection

This is the wall of this week's demerit restaurant (News 4 San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - Pancho's Mexican Restaurant located at 1005 Old highway 90 West scored a 66 on its recent inspection conducted by the Metro Health Department. Anything below 70 is considered a failing score.

The health inspector found several violations including...

  • Employees touching ready-to-eat-food without gloves
  • Employees using utensils, opening a refrigerator, and touching their clothes after touching food
  • Dead roaches on the storage room floor
  • Spatulas and a container were melted and chipped
  • An employee tossing food or trash into a trash can that was next to containers full of ready-to-eat food

A deeper look into Pancho's shows it passed its previous inspections this year...

  • On July, 11 a score of 95.
  • On February, 28 a score of 83.

There will be a re-inspection and everything must be corrected by January of next year.

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