"Chunk of meat lying on freezer floor" fails this Chinese restaurant

News 4 SA

A Chinese restaurant on the west side of town that normally aces their health inspections, has failed this time.

Beijing Express off Marbach road, scored a 57. Anything below a 70 is a failing score.

Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

  • Fish fillet and a chunk of meat were lying on the freezer floor.
  • Debris accumulated on the inside and outside of the dish washer.
  • Flies and ants were found in the kitchen .
  • Water and mold damaged ceiling tiles.

A deeper look into this restaurant, shows that it passed previous inspections over the last year..

  • In September, it scored a 93
  • In May, its highest score 95
  • And in December 2017, they got a 91.

Some of the violations have been corrected and the rest have to be taken care of by March.

For a complete list of all the San Antonio restaurant reports click HERE.

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