Tink-A-Tako fails health inspection with multiple cleanliness violations

Employees not washing their hands and dirty equipment lead the Mexican restaurant Tink-A-Tako to fail its latest health inspection (News 4 San Antonio).

Tink-A-Tako Mexican Restaurant & Bar, located at 3555 Frederisckburg Road, scored at 69 in its latest health inspection conducted by the Metro Health Department. Anything below a 70 is considered failing.

Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

  • Milk and ham not being kept cold enough
  • The refrigerator was found with food debris and accumulated liquids
  • Employees not washing their hands before putting gloves on
  • Baskets found with food debris stuck to them
  • Accumulated debris on the walk-in cooler fan covers

A deeper look into this restaurant, shows that it passed its previous inspections in the past year.

  • September 25 88
  • April 25th 86
  • January 11th 88

Some of the violations mentioned were already taken care of and the other violations have to be taken care of by March 18th.

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