Helping develop thriving East Side businesses

East Side businesses.

SAN ANTONIO -- People have asked why Joaquinn Arch and his wife decided to open their business, and buy a home, on the East Side, an area with a negative reputation because of crime.

"If you buy it, you can control it and you can stop it," Arch stated.

Stop the spread of crime he insist. It's too often violent crime has created problems and taken lives in the neighborhood where he grew up.

"Almost every night you'd hear shootings. There were plenty of nights I slept on the floor," Arch explained.

Arch and his wife own Straight Line Management at 734 North New Braunfels. They management construction projects and their business continues to grow.

"Joc," as he's known, went to college in Houston but didn't want to live there.

He returned to the East Side and team up with San Antonio for Growth on the East Side (SAGE).

With the help of city and federal funding, the area is experiencing some rebirth with business owners like Arch helping with redevelopment.

Arch also spends lots of time in the community mentoring students and organized a basketball program. The program gives area youths positive activity that keeps them off the streets, away from trouble, he explained.

The father of two boys believes teaching and mentoring is important.

"I think generations are supposed to take it to the next level," he said.

Arch admits to some business failures and said not all of his ideas worked out.

The failures didn't define him nor did they stop him from planning other plans.

Straight Line Management is expanding and moving into other cities.

Arch hopes his story offers hope to youth in impoverished area. He wants to them think big even, if they can't see into the future.

"I see possibilities. I see hope. I have a vision."

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