Woman with flu-like symptoms loses 30 percent of body to flesh-eating bacteria

Woman hospitalized with flesh-eating bacterian (Photos/Video: Lapinski Family / KNXV / CNN Newsource)Thumbnail

A woman who thought she had the flu has been diagnosed with a flesh-eating disease that has claimed 30 percent of her body, according to doctors in Arizona.

Christin Lapinski visited her doctor two weeks ago with flu-like symptoms and a pain under her arm.

"The pain just started getting worse and worse, it was pretty much unbearable for her," said husband Nate Lapinski. Two days later, she was rushed into surgery.

Her doctors diagnosed her with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacterial infection.

Christin's husband says every day is touch and go for the mother of three.

Doctors said the flu did not cause the disease, but added her symptoms likely compromised her immune system, making her vulnerable to the flesh-eating bacteria.

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