The Point Panaderia and Cafe fails first health inspection

    The Point Panaderia and Cafe (SBG Photo)

    After finding chemicals improperly stored and employees not washing their hands before preparing food, a new Puerto Rican bakery has failed their first health inspection.

    The Point Panaderia and Cafe, located off I-35 on the North East side, scored a 69-just one point shy of passing.

    Inspectors cited the restaurant for:

    • Storing raw meats and eggs above ready to eat foods.
    • Storing chemicals near food.
    • Not providing hand washing soap and paper towels for the employees.
    • Employees not washing their hands before putting on gloves to prepare food.

    The restaurant was previously located on San Pedro Ave., but closed and relocated to their location off of I-35, which opened on December 1st.

    This is their first health inspection.

    Some of the violations have been corrected and the rest have to be taken care of by May .

    For a complete list of all the restaurant reports, CLICK HERE.


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