The Keto Diet: How do the benefits weigh up against the potential risks?

(KPRC via CNN Newsource)

It seems like a lot of people are taking note of the Keto Diet. But how do the benefits weigh up against the potential risks?

Almost no carbohydrates, but lots of fattening foods are allowed on the Keto Diet.

Believe it or not, foods like steaks, ranch dressing, cheese, are helping people like Michael Tracy to lose weight.

"On March 17, I was at 228 pounds, this morning I'm at 204 pounds," he said.

He says its helped with endurance for his fighting. But more importantly, researchers are amazed by studies indicating the Keto Diet is helping people lower insulin, eliminate seizures and control symptoms of illnesses including PCOS, migraines, and in a very small study Autism.

The new trend is really something doctors have understood for a long time. By putting your body in ketosis, you basically burn fast instead of sugar. What they did not understand, was just how incredible the results could be.

"I had one [patient] that was on four diabetic medicines and they're completely off," Dr. Stephanie Campbell said.

Campbell says she has several diabetic patients controlling their disease with Keto. However, she warns this diet is not sustainable.

"It's really hard to not have any banana, pineapples or whatever it is ever again in your life, right?," she said.

Although, Michael insists he's never going back.

"I'm going to keep going. It really is a different way of living," he said.

Campbell says the biggest mistake people make on the Keto Diet is overdoing the calories.

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