Child dies after surgery to remove 10-pound tumor from his face

child with tumor.PNG

A 14-year-old boy who lived with a 10-pound tumor on his face died on Friday, after doctors performed surgery to remove the tumor.

Emanuel Zayas was brought to Miami from Cuba for treatment. Doctors successfully removed the tumor, but his condition took a turn for the worse last week, with kidney and lung complications, according to a report in the Miami Herald.

Emanuel's parents told the media outlet that the tumor was benign, but its size threatened his breathing and made it difficult for him to eat. Doctors agreed the tumor needed to be removed.

A post on a Facebook page dedicated to Emanuel's medical journey stated:

We are saddened and disappointed that Emanuel didn't receive the physical recovery we were hoping for however through the eyes of our faith, in our hearts, we truly believe and know without a doubt that Emanuel did indeed receive complete healing and that now he has a perfect, sweet face and two legs that work, and that he is running and jumping and having a great time in heaven right now...that he is in perfect peace and joy with Jesus and will be forever.

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