Bad breath can be an early sign of health problems

Bad breath an early sign of health problems (WKRC)

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- It may not be the thing you are thinking about this time of year. You notice someone has bad breath, it could be an early warning sign for other serious medical problems.

So, what should we know about it to have a healthy holiday season?

Ask anyone what they love about the holidays -

But what you may not like, perhaps, is when you get together with those friends and relatives in close contact, and someone’s breath doesn't smell too good. It raises the question - should you tell them or why should you tell them?

"What is bad breath? Bad breath is bacteria in the mouth,” explained Dentist Dr. Greg Pohl.

Doctor Greg Pohl is a dentist who says you might actually want to ask those with a breath change - bad or not that you notice, a few health questions.

Are they experiencing sinusitis, a history of diabetes in their family, kidney issues? These are all things that manifest in the bad breath.

If you don't think it's a serious health problem -- rinsing and brushing is the best way to start getting rid of bad breath. Dr. Pohl suggests you follow that up with flossing and rinsing again.

That means that anything floating around in their now after you've cleaned is gonna get out of the mouth.

Certain habits such as smoking, alcohol and certain foods can change breath in the short term. But if it lingers, see your dentist or hygienist and ask about improving bad breath.

That way maybe the sights, sounds and scents of the season -- won't be a distraction from the real things we love about Christmas

How can you tell someone that you have noticed a change in their breath? Well, you might have guessed there's a special virtual breath mint letter that will anonymously do that for you.

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