Saving babies' lives with Wonder Bumbers

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Georgia Fiebrich gave News 4 a tour of her warehouse.

Ten years ago, Georgia decided to start her own company, after finding problems with some baby items she bought for her children.

"I think every mom thinks they can invent the next best product after they have a baby. There's something that doesn't work right or you don't like it or you could do it better," said Georgia.

Soon, Go Mama Go!{}was born, and she hasn't looked back since.

"Our company Go Mama Go! it's an anthem it's a cheer. We're always on the go as moms so that's there but we're really cheering other mothers on and that's really what it's about. We want other mothers to believe that they can be a mom and be anything they want. You don't have to give up your dreams once you're a mom," explained Georgia.

It was Georgia's own mother who inspired her to keep her dreams alive.

"She was a single mom she had four kids to raise and she never gave up on her dreams and she was very well educated. She went to seminary and became a chaplain and a minister and then joined the army at the age of 40 and was a chaplain in the US Army. Retired as a colonel," said Georgia.

Georgia's products can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and independent stores across the country. But most of her business comes from Amazon. Her most recent creation is something not only helping parents, but saving lives. It's a new patented crib bumber.

"The traditional bumper is being banned in Maryland, in Illinois and there's also a federal investigation regarding traditional crib bumbers because of the suffocation and the entanglement risk. Babies when they're on their backs, they can end up turning and then they can have their face wedged into the corner. Even if you have a thin bumper like a mesh liner although it's not a suffocation risk, this is very loose and babies can just sort of get like this or they can get like this and it can become more of an entanglement issue," explained Georgia.

Georgia has something that many say is a safe option.

"If you look at the crib. The Wonder Bumper just naturally mimics the inherent design of the crib," said Georgia.

The Wonder Bumper has been exempt from all the traditional bumper bans, and Georgia says they are doctor approved.

"We've had 3rd party testing done on our products. Their studies show that basically the airflow within the crib is the same with our product or with no bumpers at all. You're getting the same maximum optimal airflow and it was far greater than any of our competitors," said Georgia.

Georgia says her family is her greatest cheerleader and she hopes to continue to grow her company and go public one day. She also hopes to inspire her employees to follow their dreams.

"Give them the push and the courage and the financing to help them follow their dreams," said Georgia.

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