WATCH: Kevin Hart talks Spurs! And Tiffany Haddish

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    Over the last few years, comedian Kevin Hart has gone on a dangerous police mission with Ice Cube in “Ride Along,” helped Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stop criminals in “Central Intelligence” and given Will Ferrell tips on how to survive prison in “Get Hard.” Now, Hart teams up in the classroom with rising star Tiffany Haddish (Girl’s Trip) in the new comedy “Night School.”

    In the film, Hart plays Teddy Walker, a high school dropout and barbecue pit salesman who returns to school to earn his GED, so that he can land a job that will afford him enough money to impress his more successful girlfriend Lisa (Megalyn Echikunwoke). It won’t be easy since his night school teacher Carrie (Haddish) has no plans to allow him or the other adult students to breeze through the class without learning something.

    When comparing Haddish to his past co-stars, Hart said he would put her at the top of the list. He said it was an “amazing opportunity” to work with her, especially since she was coming off such a successful movie like last year’s surprise hit “Girl’s Trip.”

    “Tiffany is unbelievable,” Hart said. “For her to come in and take on the character of Carrie and put so many levels and color into [her] was a bonus for us.”

    As soon as Hart heard there was a potential comedy in the works that would put him and Haddish on screen together, he jumped at that chance. He immediately thought it was something their fans would enjoy.

    “Thus far, the fan base has responded very well,” Hart said. “The responses I’m seeing on social media is, ‘We can’t wait to see the movie!’ which is a great thing for us. We have a great opportunity to give comedy a spike up and tell people, ‘This is what comedy should be.’”

    We did manage to get a bit off topic -- and discussed the current state of the Spurs.

    “The one thing that you’re not, is an exciting program,” said Hart. “I don’t know what it is about Pop and fun. Pop just doesn’t like to have fun.”

    He’s kidding. But Hart did have some encouraging words about the addition of DeMar DeRozan.

    And if Hart really had to go back to high school in real life – is there anything he would do different? Not likely.

    “I would do it exactly the same,” he said before joking about his scholastic abilities. “We should do a segment where we get all of my teachers from high school just to talk about the type of student I was. I think it would help other kids understand how to really embrace that moment and take full advantage.”

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