Progressive rock band YES celebrates its 50th anniversary this year

Progressive rock band YES celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. (Photo: Lee Wilkinson)

The band behind hits including "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and "I’ve Seen All Good People" is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Progressive rock legends Yes are celebrating the band's 50th anniversary, "cause it's time."

"I can remember, I'd been in the band for a little bit, it was mid-70's, and we were somewhere, and one of us said, I think it was probably you, said, 'I wonder what we'll be doing this time in ten years' time?,” said Wakeman.

The tour features Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman drawing material from throughout the Yes catalog, including songs the three didn't record together.

"Some of the work that Trevor does was never on certain songs but he's very adventurous in his playing, and vice versa I'm surrounded by great musicians and I just enjoy singing the songs that I helped to write over 50 years,” said Anderson.

Which songs do they enjoy playing the most?

"Mine's 'Awaken' which is to me still a very powerful piece of music,” said Anderson

"'I Am Waiting' so that's one that started off, we played it and it's just got better and better,” said Rabin. “And Rick has put in a whole new vibe, because he wasn't on the record and it's really elevated the song and we just have a ball playing it."

"'Rhythm of Love' I really, really like,” said Wakeman.


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