Music notes: Conversation with Chicago

    It was definitely a treat, a musical high note, to hear the band, Chicago, perform on stage at the Majestic Theatre on May 28, 2016.

    The crowd was high energy as the band went through a set list of hit songs from the band that has been around since 1967 although some faces have changed.

    Certainly fans can quickly shout out some of their favorite tunes by the band originally known as Chicago Transit Authority, a self-described rock and roll band with horns.

    Just to name a couple of chart-toppers, people still love to hear “Saturday in the Park,” and “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is,” or “ 25 for 6 to 4.”

    We had a chance to sit down at a restaurant on the San Antonio River Walk with two founding members, Robert Lamm and Lee Loughnane.

    They know too well it’s tough for any group to stay together with creative or personal differences. Robert and Lee look back at the ups and downs and why they are still touring the world.

    Lamm is the band’s keyboard player, vocalist and composer. Loughnane is a songwriter who also plays trumpet and flugelhorn for Chicago.

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