Movie Pass: ‘Miss Sloane’

Two-time Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain stars in a new political thriller as she takes on the role of a cutthroat Washington lobbyist determined to get her way in "Miss Sloane."

The political thriller aims to give audiences a taste of DC politics, while raising real issues involving gender and power.

"Here we have this woman working in this movie who's over prepared and she's ambitious and it's okay. It's okay. It's okay for women to be ambitious and I hope that because this character challenges the status quo, women will watch it and be inspired to step forward,” explains Jessica Chastain.

When Sloane goes head to head with the gun lobby, not only does she hold her own, she’s often a step ahead of her opponents.

“These battles go on with a tiny red head woman in the center of them all; kind of showing everybody what's what because she's the most brilliant manipulator in the room,” said co-star Alison Pill.

‘Miss Sloane’ is 60% frsh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Extended Trailer

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