Local family goes viral again, this time with the #InvisibleChallenge

    (Courtesy: Makayla Cunningham)

    SAN ANTONIO -- A local family is going viral after posting their own take on the #InvisibleChallenge.

    The prank was inspired by Netflix's "Magic for Humans." In the clip posted to YouTube, host Justin Williams makes two men believe he really made them invisible.

    Many on the internet have posted their own versions, including YouTuber David Dobrik.

    One local family decided to try the prank. Makayla Cunningham posted the video on Saturday and it has already gained more than 10 million views.

    This isn't the first time this family has seen internet fame. Several years ago they posted a video of their baby named Ava dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Ava has gone viral again as she is the one being pranked in the #InvisibleChallenge video.

    Reactions online were mixed.

    What do you think of the challenge? Cruel or hilarious?

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